October 6, 2012; Columbia, MO, USA; Missouri Tigers quarterback Corbin Berkstresser (13) passes the ball during the third quarter at Faurot Field. The Vanderbilt Commodores defeated the Missouri Tigers 19-15. Mandatory Credit: Dak Dillon-US PRESSWIRE

Game Recap: Mizzou 15, Vanderbilt 19


Missouri took a blow Saturday night against Vanderbilt in a game of many miscues and at least one notable injury. Vanderbilt pulled this one out 19 – 15. I think I am in the majority when I say the Tigers played considerably horrible tonight with a team who should not have hung with us. We are 3-3 on the year (0-3 in the SEC). Re-thinking the move to the SEC yet?

In the first quarter of tonight’s game Mizzou jumped on Vandy going up 6-0 with two early field goals by K Andrew Bagget., the quarter ended miserably when James Franklin went down with a sprained left-knee on a QB scramble. To top it all off Mizzou was backed up in there own territory with about 30 seconds left in the first quarter and decided to punt it out. Punter Trey Barrow bobbled the snap and Vanderbilt recovered getting a safety. 6 – 2.

Corbin Berkstresser played a terrible game tonight completing 9/30 for 189 yards and 1 TD. It was just a very underwhelming performance. What can we expect though? Every player will have their ups and downs. Berky looked pretty awful tonight but I still have faith in him. As should everyone else.

WR Bud Sasser had a critical 101 yard catch for a TD in the fourth quarter. They failed the game tying extra point on a bad snap, which made the score Mizzou – 15, Vanderbilt – 16, just terrible.

On the next drive Vanderbilt marched the ball down the field and kicked a field goal making it 19-15 Vandy late in the fourth. Mizzou never came back. The final score was Vanderbilt – 19, Mizzou – 15.

Vanderbilt’s RB Stacy had good game against us tonight scoring twice on 29 carries for 72 yards. WR’s Matthews and Boyd combined for 11 grabs for 174 yards. QB Rodgers had a sub-par game completing 14/24 passes for 182 yards and one interception.

Tiger coach Gary Pinkel said Franklin injured his medial collateral ligament and, “will be out for a few weeks,” including a home game next weekend against No. 1 Alabama.

This was a very unfortunate loss for the Missouri Tigers. This one was a real punch in the gut. Distractions such as drug charges on three immature freshman certainly didn’t help this team focus more in practice this past week.  We need to get this thing turned around, and quick. Before it starts to get ugly. Or has it already?

What do you think Zou fans? Can the Tigers right the ship in time to take on No. 1 Alabama? What are the areas you think we are failing at and what we can do to turn it around?

Time’s tickin!

- Jordan Pollock, Lead Editor

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  • Mizzoualltheway

    Mr. Jordan, the correct spelling for your use of the word “there”, in that instance should have been spelled “their”. Not pickin’ just helping out a fellow Tiger fan.

    • KSU Fan

      REALLY? The man’s talking Fan support and you nitpick the tense of a word REALLY? Well I am not a Tiger fan as I hail from KSU but I am not a hater and hope the ship gets righted soon.. Seems I never really “got” why MU had to go but I wish you better fortune there in the SEC

  • livestrongest.2012

    Mizzou needs to focus on surviving Alabama relatively injury free so that it can pick up some more wins later. Unless you think Mizzou can force 6 turnovers for touchdowns.

  • ArrowFan

    I’m not sure at this point if we would have won any Big 12 games this year either. We are just not playing good and the O-line is still struggling. The SEC has little to do with it, this year is hanging in the balance we still need four more wins to get to a bowl game, and at this point any bowl game would be a major accomplishment. On another note why in hell are we on national TV this week other than to embarrass MU.