Missouri Unveils New Uniforms


The much anticipated 4-14-12 has finally come, and it did not disappoint.

For months now, the Missouri Athletic Department has been hyping a “re-branding” of the uniforms for every athletic team, with help from Nike. Today, during the football spring game, the first five were announced: soccer, volleyball, men and women’s basketball, and football.

Soccer: (can be seen here) Mizzou seems to be going hardcore into a switch from black to “anthracite” (a coal-like grey), and nowhere is it more obvious in these jerseys. Simple, yet elegant.

Volleyball: (can be seen here) Not much change on the uniforms here, except a number font change and elongated gold on the arms. Good look overall.

Men’s Basketball:

I personally like these jerseys quite a bit. I had heard rumors about the tiger stripes and was worried that it would look tacky, but it’s subtle enough that it works. I like the tiger eye towards the bottom. The black jerseys look solid too, I enjoy the “anthracite” on black look.

Women’s Basketball: (can be seen here) Very similar to the men’s jerseys. Looks good to me.


These are the ones everyone’s been waiting for/talking about. While I’m not wowed by the helmets (alternate helmet here), as a whole I LOVE the changes made. My favorite of the 3 jerseys is the white one, and it looks best when paired with the black pants.

All in all, Nike seems to have continued their good work with the changes made to Mizzou.