Top 10 Best Places to Watch a Big Mizzou Game

Ever wondered where the best Columbia spots outside of Faurot Field and Mizzou Arena are to watch a game? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite places in an effort to help clear up some of your confusion.

Forget about Buffalo Wild Wings. We’re not going to Applebee’s here, either. The places on this list are among the places you’re only going to find in Columbia.

Certainly, your experiences are going to differ from the author’s, so if you feel strongly that someone should have been included that wasn’t, or that someone should be higher or lower, then put it in the comments. In any event, here’s our list of top 10 places to watch a big Mizzou sporting event.

No. 10, Deuce Pub & Pit

The Deuce has it all, including tons of space out back by the trademark volleyball courts. But if it’s a basketball game in February you’re looking to view, you’re going to have to cozy up inside, which isn’t as spacious. Still, a great place to watch a game.

No. 9, Bengals

Great indoor/outdoor place that’s constantly bustling and always vibrant for a big game. The only thing this place doesn’t have on it’s side is tradition, but that’s constantly growing. Mostly a younger crowd, but usually very fun.

No. 8, McNally’s

Talk about a place in Columbia with a true pub feel, and it’s McNally’s. If you’re there with a group, one of the tables is generally going to be big enough to handle everyone. If you’re lucky enough to get a spot at the bar, prepare to have one of the best bar-side experiences while watching sports, with a staff of very knowledgeable sports guys.

No. 7, Shiloh’s

Formerly Stumpy Joe Pete’s and the Coliseum Bistro, the spot in downtown Columbia that Shiloh’s is in has some history to it, which puts it in a decent spot in our countdown. Huge  outdoor patio area, and the place goes all-out for football games, getting huge tents set up and having music in the parking lot.

No. 6, Campus Bar

This place gets nuts, which is the thing you can either love or hate about it. Game atmospheres? High energy. Hockey games are a big hit here as well, with some of the most intense Blues-Blackhawks rivalry games being the showcase of the place. But as far as Mizzou, you can’t go wrong.

No. 5, Tiger Club

Talk about the place in Columbia that’s changed the most over the last few years, and it’s Tiger Club. One of the best things about watching a game here is the sheer amount of televisions. It seems like no matter which wall you’re facing, you’re looking at multiple TV’s. But then there’s even ones suspended from the ceiling. It’s a sports fiesta, which we’re all about.

No. 4, Willie’s

The Willie’s/Field House combo is certainly a hopping place, especially for students. Huge big-screen highlights the main bar area, with tons of viewing spots and nearly everyone guaranteed to be cheering for the Tigers. There’s even TV’s outside on the deck, which really just sets this place off as a well-rounded watch spot.

No. 3, Harpo’s

Here’s where some people are going to argue and say that this should be the No. 1 spot, but I guess all I can say is that my experience differed from yours? Harpo’s is rooted in tradition and is the quintessential spot for alumni and students alike to be on gamedays, without question.

No. 2, Truman’s Bar & Grill

It’s not been around as long as some of its downtown competitors but Truman’s is amazing. Tons of large-sized projectors everywhere, with a smorgasbord of televisions scattered about the wall that I’m almost certain you have to be trained to operate. For Tiger games, this place is packed and intense, usually with little standing room to spare.

No. 1, Booches

This. Is. It. Booches provides an amazing atmosphere where you feel like best friends with everyone you’re around. Any place that’s been open since the 1800’s and doesn’t take credit cards is going to get your attention, but it’s the unparalleled nostalgia and single television over the door that makes the place our No. 1 place to watch a big Mizzou game.