Missouri Football: ESPN ‘FPI’ predicts similar record for Tigers in 2017


The Missouri Tigers are ranked 41st in the ESPN Football Power Index, which released its predictions for Mizzou last week.

Every year, we want to see Mizzou succeed. As fans, we hope for nothing less than a bowl appearance, and of course, we want nothing more than to see the Tigers play in, and win the national championship.

In order for Missouri to even sniff a national championship, the Tigers must win, and in so doing, would have to play a near-perfect season. So before we get too far ahead of ourselves, we must realize that Mizzou is not a championship-caliber team, yet.

In 2016, the Tigers finished the season with four wins, so a five-win season would improve Mizzou by one game, but I believe that this team is better than a five-win season.

Looking at the numbers, the ESPN “FPI” has Missouri beating Missouri State, South Carolina, Purdue, Idaho, and Connecticut. The rest of the season are losses for the Tigers.

While I can get onboard with Missouri having a tough game against Georgia, Florida, Auburn, and maybe Tennessee, I can also make an argument that the Tigers can win against Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, and Kentucky.

Note that the ESPN “FPI” allows Mizzou a higher probability of defeating Kentucky, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas, but that percentage to win those games is still under 50.

The games against Missouri State, South Carolina, Purdue, Idaho, and Connecticut are projected as more likely than not, that Mizzou should win.

If my predictions are correct, I would say that in a best case scenario, Missouri finishes their season with an eight-win season, and at worst with a six-win season, thus making Mizzou bowl-eligible.

My toss-up game for the Tigers is Tennessee. I think Missouri can go either way against the Volunteers, but I don’t think that this team finishes worse than six wins in 2017.