Missouri Basketball: Kansas could be forced to play Tigers

LAWRENCE, KS - FEBRUARY 07: Markieff Morris
LAWRENCE, KS - FEBRUARY 07: Markieff Morris /

The “war” between Missouri and Kansas is still hot, as recent reports show that Jayhawks head coach, Bill Self, denied Mizzou’s request to resume the “Border War.”

I wasn’t going to do it – I swear, but here we are again, tossing up another thought in the ongoing saga between Kansas and Missouri, playing out in the media.

So, here’s my thought, which was recently shared by others, so maybe it’s not my thought so much as my agreement. Kansas might have its hand forced to play Missouri sooner than it would like.

The way all the recruiting chips fell in Missouri’s favor, and if head coach Cuonzo Martin is able to lead the Tigers to the NCAA Tournament, then it’s possible that the two programs will find themselves in the same division.

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The game won’t happen right away, but could make for a great “Sweet 16” or “Elite Eight” match-up between the programs. In a perfect scenario, that is how the stars could align.

There are, of course, multiple factors that could divert this from ever happening, and they come in the form of injuries, suspensions, coaching, or simply lack of experience or maturity.

Conspiracy theorists, or skeptics (whichever you prefer) might not put it past Self to bag the Jayhawks out of the tourney, or maybe Kansas boosters will pay off the NCAA to re-field the Jayhawks elsewhere.

Given the reported size of his ego, I can’t see Self taking his own team out. As for the other, I can’t say for certain what happens behind closed doors, but I’d like to think that such a scheme wouldn’t float.

However, if Kansas is fielded in a different division than Missouri, then that could make the goal even sweeter: National Championship or bust.

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Not to say that Kansas is the best, but if the only way to face them is in the championship game, then so be it. Both sides will have a major goal to work toward.