Missouri Football: Tigers looking to disrupt Auburn


After last week’s disastrous performance against Purdue, Missouri looks to at least give Auburn a fight, but even that may be asking too much.

Well, it looks like this is going to be a very long season. Despite all things pointing to the Tigers’ improvement from 2016, it seems that they have actually regressed, if that’s even possible.

However, Missouri can’t just quit now. If the Tigers want a chance to win a single SEC game this year, then they will have to show up confident and play to win, which is why they are struggling to even stay competitive. Most troubling of all, it looks like they’ve already given up.

The Tigers can’t give up against Auburn, especially their defense. This defense will be the best they’ve faced so far this season and will probably be the best defense Missouri sees all season.

Missouri Tigers Football
Missouri Tigers Football /

Missouri Tigers Football

With Auburn defensive end Tré Williams leading the team with 2.5 sacks and 25 tackles, and the defense leading the nation in overall yards allowed per play, with 3.2, it’s probably going to get ugly. Remember, this is the same Missouri offense that only scored three points against Purdue.

Running back Damerea Crockett will probably be shut down, which will force Mizzou to pass the ball, which, most likely, won’t end well.

While Auburn’s secondary is a little weaker than their front seven, it won’t matter if Drew Lock doesn’t improve his decision-making, or if offensive coordinator Josh Huepel mixes up the play calling.

Huepel has to put some faith in Lock and let him throw down the field to deep threats like Johnathan Johnson and Emanuel Hall.

If Lock continues to struggle, then head coach Barry Odom may have to consider putting in quarterbacks Jack Lowary or Micah Wilson, to see if they can make a difference.

If there is one thing that gives Mizzou a sliver of a chance in this ball game, it’s that Auburn’s offense is not up to the caliber of their defense. Their offense only scored 17 points against Mercer, so if Missouri defense shows up to play and the offense can do their part, we may have a ball game.

If I’m being realistic, then I don’t see Missouri putting up much of a fight; if the offense keeps playing the way it has, then we may see a shut-out on our hands. You can catch the game Saturday night on ESPNU at 6:30 PM CT.