QB injury all too familiar for Mizzou Tigers and K.C. Chiefs fans

For a brief moment, Mizzou Tigers and Kansas City Chiefs fanbases feared their QBs could be out for the season. Though Patrick Mahomes appears to be sidelined for a few weeks, it was the best-case scenario for Kansas City.

A couple of weeks ago, Mizzou Tigers quarterback Kelly Bryant took a hit to the knee and fell down awkwardly. He walked off the field with trainers and headed toward the X-ray room.

Fast forward to Thursday night, and it was Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes who suffered a knee injury, walking off the field with trainers heading toward the X-ray room.

Both QBs have a knee injury, but neither will miss the season.

That’s the news that came out today about Mahomes, who dislocated his knee cap and likely will miss a brief part of the season. After Thursday night’s injury against the Denver Broncos, the team, fans and the city all were nervous about what happened to their star quarterback.

Mahomes’ knee was “all out of whack” described tight end Travis Kelce. It was popped back in place on national television, but he appeared fine as he walked off the field without much assistance.

That was sort of the scene in Columbia when Bryant went down against Troy.

Plenty of speculation came throughout the second half if Bryant had torn his ACL. But throughout the night and into the next day, there were reports that it wasn’t as bad as people first thought, and that Bryant had a knee sprain.

The Sunday after the game, we found out Bryant would be good to go for Mizzou’s following game. Both QBs avoided serious knee damage.

Though Mahomes’ injury is more significant, you can get away with losing your QB for a few weeks in the NFL. The regular season is not as important as it is in college, where two losses basically means you’re out of the playoff conversation.

Mahomes should come back to a Chiefs team that still is on top of the AFC West.

If nothing else, it could be a lot worse in Kansas City. Just like it could have been a lot worse in Columbia. That’s good news for teams and fanbases riddled with history of misfortune.