Missouri Football: All eyes fall on Tigers as Luther Burden decommits

Missouri football head coach Eliah Drinkwitz got Tiger fans buzzing lsat Sunday when he sent out a tweet wishing a merry ‘Flipmas.’ At the time, many thought that the flip could be top wide receiver and East St. Louis native Luther Burden.


While this flip happened to be linebacker Xavier Simmons, another ‘Flipmas’ may soon be upon us and this time it could be Burden.

Burden’s decommitment is absolutely huge. He has been on Missouri’s radar for quite some time, and has been to many Missouri recruitment events. He has also been sending signals on Twitter that Tiger fans can get excited about.


It is impossible to overstate how big of a recruiting coup this could be for Eliah Drinkwitz.

Burden holds offers from pretty much every Power 5 program under the sun, is ranked as the best receiver in the country by both Rivals and 247sports, and would be a game changer wherever he goes.

The idea that Missouri could steal not just a top recruit but the top recruit from a program that will challenge for a conference championship this year would have been unheard of even 2 years ago.

Of course, Burden to Missouri is not a sure thing. His options are wide open and Georgia is another school that has appeared in the conversation. 247sports even lists the Dawgs as ‘warm’ on Burden’s profile, though Missouri is warmer.

The Missouri football Class of 2022 is already packed with talent, some of whom could start the instant they hit campus. Adding Burden would push the group over the top.

He can be a top weapon for the rest of Connor Bazelak’s tenure with the Tigers, then stay in that role when Sam Horn takes the helm.

This isn’t just a big deal, this is a huge deal with impacts that could be felt for the next four years. Of course, the job is not done.

Drinkwitz still has to secure Burden’s commitment. The receiver could decide to head elsewhere. Drinkwitz and his squad need to throw everything and the kitchen sink at trying to lock up this commitment.

Burden would be a game changer for Missouri. It’s time to make it a reality.