Luther Burden underutilized leaves many wondering what’s next

COLUMBIA, MO - SEPTEMBER 17: Head coach Eliah Drinkwitz of the Missouri Tigers talks with wide receiver Luther Burden III #3 (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images)
COLUMBIA, MO - SEPTEMBER 17: Head coach Eliah Drinkwitz of the Missouri Tigers talks with wide receiver Luther Burden III #3 (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

Luther Burden is the best player on the Missouri football team. He is the best athlete on the Missouri football team. Equally, if not more importantly, he is the best recruiter on the Missouri football team.

Luther Burden never has to say a word or meet a would-be recruit, especially in-state to help close a prospect. It is clear Eli Drinkwitz is a good recruiter. This I know. How good of a Head Coach he is, is still up for discussion. What needs to be discussed, and at the top of the page, is the lack of involvement with Luther Burden.  We referenced the keys to victory for Mizzou on 9/24/2022. The Tigers did well in every area except getting Luther Burden involved.

Robert Griffin III, calling the game for ESPN, had this to say about Luther’s lack of touches in the game: 

"“Have we called Luther Burden III’s name yet,”“He’s got two targets, no catches. I mean, what is going on? If you’re Eli Drinkwitz, you got to get this guy the ball.”"

Robert Griffin III’s counterpart Mark Jones asked:

"“Is it just the extra attention that they’re paying to Luther Burden?”"

Robert Griffin III responded with:

"“No, they are paying extra attention to him, but they have a wildcat package for him,” Griffin said. “If you want to get him the ball, snap the ball to him. Get him on a jet sweep. There are ways to get this guy the ball.”"

Luther Burden needs to be involved for the Tigers to compete in the SEC

Many, myself included, have been screaming for some creativity. Why would the Missouri Tigers coaching staff think that moving your best player around, lining him up in the Wild Cat formation and returning punts would be necessary against Louisiana Tech and Abilene Christian University, but not against Kansas State and Auburn?

The best player on the field cannot get two targets. It is unacceptable. If he cannot get open, you get him open. If traditional route running is not working, then you must move him around and get him in space.

It was not long after the game, that a social media sleuth with a keen eye and not much else to do, apparently, noticed that Luther Burden had scrubbed all things Mizzou from his social media handles. This sent shockwaves throughout the Mizzou fanbase.

Luther addressed the fanbase, setting the record straight by tweeting:

"“Mizzou fans: Please don’t misunderstand my intentions. I’m always a TIGER! Jus be patient, here we come! #Reset #MIZ LB3”"

Missouri Tigers faithful hopes that is the truth. The transfer portal does not open any time soon. If there is still an open wound there, Missouri has plenty of time to patch that up with him. One thing that should happen immediately. Be intentional with the play-calling and ensure Luther Burden’s involvement moving forward. A step in the right direction would be a win against any of the four ranked teams Mizzou faces in the next six weeks. Burden gives the Tigers the a good chance to do just that.

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