Please, no more Aggie Swag!


We see it every month or so. A school that is apparently bursting at the seams with school pride produces an extremely well made, well thought out and thorough school spirit fan video (hopefully you caught onto the sarcasm there). How can the Mizzou faithful forget “We Are Mizzou”, the upbeat music video made by three Mizzou students at the height of the basketball teams performance during the regular season.

In this particular instance, Mizzou was gearing up for arguably the biggest game in school history. Now, this is no excuse for such a degrading, auto-tune filled abomination of a video, but it does provide some perspective.

Unfortunately for Texas A&M, I’m not sure they have an excuse for this:

Before I continue, let me clarify something. I love the way that Mizzou and A&M are handling the move to the SEC, and in no way am I ripping on either schools’ decision or sports teams.

With that being said, this is bad. Really bad. I know that students want to show their school spirit and support their schools’ move to the SEC, but there are much better ways to do it than annoying fan videos that anyone with a computer and auto-tune can make.

Oh, and who can forget the Aggie shirt proclaiming their arrival to the SEC with a map of all the SEC states on it. Including the state of North Carolina and all zero of their SEC teams.

With all of this being said, good luck to the Aggies in the SEC from a loyal Mizzou fan.