Tennessee could become Missouri’s next SEC rival in football


Missouri has been on a rivalry kick lately, so let’s take a look at another potential replacement of a former rival, which I’ve declared “dead.”

Five years ago, Missouri Tigers moved to a new conference. The Big 12 was is dying a slow, painful death at the hand of Texas, and Mizzou knew it was time to move on.

The SEC invited Texas A&M to join the conference and needed another “warm body,” so an offer was extended to Missouri, which also showed interest in joining the Big 10 conference.

Missouri accepted the SEC’s offer, and upon its departure from the Big 12, it hurt the feelings of its neighbors to the left. Ever since that day, the neighbors to the left took their ball and went home.

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In a future installment, we will provide insight on a handful of potential “replacements” to the rivalry that one organization not named Missouri forced into its grave.

Recently, a new suitor was presented in Tennessee, which is an interesting possibility, because the Volunteers share a border with Missouri, but have never considered themselves a rival.

It could work, because both teams share the same division, and share a common border.

Both football teams are also in a transitional phase, and Missouri is ready to compete in basketball.

By no means am I declaring the Vols a rival. As stated in a previous post, rivalries aren’t born overnight, no matter how much the SEC might try to impose a rivalry. It takes time to build the vitriol that is seen between so many of the greatest rivals, one of which is “six feet under.”

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However, a rivalry with Tennessee could be a realistic possibility as Missouri continues its journey in the SEC. Missouri has only been a member for a half decade. How much could change in five more years?