Missouri Basketball: Jontay Porter’s decision on reclassifying coming soon


Will he re-classify and play for Missouri in 2017, or wait until 2018? Jontay Porter’s long-awaited decision is around the corner.

Missouri basketball fans have waited this long; what’s a few more days in the grand scheme of things? Jontay Porter, who followed his father, Michael Porter, Sr., and brother, Michael Porter, Jr., from Washington to Missouri, has left fans wondering his intentions on re-classification.

Just before the start of the Nike EYBL Peach Jam, Porter informed the media that re-classification is “safe to assume.” If he re-classifies, then Missouri’s 2017 recruiting class will include three top-40 national recruits (including Michael Porter, Jr. and Jeremiah Tilmon).

While we haven’t heard a definite date directly from the source, Michael Porter, Jr. told St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Dave Matter, that he thinks Jontay will (probably) make an announcement next week.

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"I think it’s going to be next week. I think that’s his timetable. I don’t even know the decision yet. Him and my parents are the only ones who know. I’m going to try and find out tonight."

Great! While I’m excited for an update from Jontay, nobody should consider his silence as a negative. Regardless, this young man will play for Mizzou, whether it’s this year or 2018.

Who knows? If he waits until 2018, it might persuade MPJ to stay for a second year.

Matter reported that Jontay finished AAU basketball, and his transcripts have been cleared by the NCAA Eligibility Center, which means all that is left, is for Porter to announce his intent.

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If Jontay Porter re-classifies to play in 2017, it will give the Tigers an extra push in their quest to compete for the National Championship. For now, we will wait; checking our social media feeds for a potentially big announcement next week!