Mizzou Basketball: Studs and Duds @ Texas A&M

Missouri’s offense continued to struggle in a 17-point loss to Texas A&M. The team shot 30 percent from the field and 26 percent form three in their 68-51 loss.

Somehow, this offense keeps getting worse. The Tigers shot 15-of-49 against the Aggies to earn their 12th loss in 22 games this season.

They held A&M to 34/24/68 shooting splits and forced 15 turnovers… and lost by 17.

Having 32 fouls called against you and only drawing 19 also hurt. Whether that was the referees or mistakes on Mizzou’s part, the game was ugly.

But hey, at least Jeremiah Tilmon is back!

Studs @ Texas A&M

Stud #1: Xavier Pinson

Xavier Pinson is starting to look like the only player who wants to win. His aggression is unmatched by anyone else on the roster and his jump shot and defense are improving.

He scored eight points against the Aggies and dished out two assists while shooting 40 percent from three.

Stud #2: Mitchell Smith

Mitchell Smith nearly had a double-double last night, falling one point shy. His 9-point 11-rebound performance was great coming off of the bench.

His energy is always great and he plays with grit and plays hard. His shooting has been very streaky however, and Mizzou could benefit from some consistency there.

Stud #3: Jeremiah Tilmon

He didn’t do much against A&M, but he played. That is huge for Missouri as they have missed him on the interior. As he works his way back into the lineup, Mizzou should improve with rebounding and interior presence in general.

Duds @ Texas A&M

Dud #1: Dru Smith

Just when Missouri needs Dru Smith to score more than ever, he stops shooting the ball. He was 0-4 against the Aggies and had a very forgettable game.

His turnovers are slowly becoming a concern, and his offense isn’t making up for it.

When Smith takes more shots, he can score 15 or more points. He has to take shots though.

Dud #2: Javon Pickett

Missouri is 6-0 when Javon Pickett scores in double figures.

He fouled out after logging 12 minutes of action and scored seven points.

His temper seemed to flare a little and he was disqualified after fouling out. While he alone probably wouldn’t have won Mizzou the game, they are much better when he plays more.

Dud #3: Torrence Watson

Torrence Watson was 2-of-11 from the field and 1-of-9 from three while also struggling on defense. He hasn’t looked anything like he did last year when he broke the Mizzou freshman record for three-pointers made in a season.

Where is the guy from the Chicago St. game that knocked down eight threes without breaking a sweat? Missouri needs him right now.

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