Mizzou Football 2020 positional breakdowns: Tight End

One of the biggest names on Missouri’s roster last year was tight end Albert Okwuegbunam. With him now being a Denver Bronco, this season’s group have big shoes to fill.

The tight end position was, at least on paper, a strength for the Tigers last season. This season, however, it is hard to get a read on who exactly we will see lining up at that position.

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Now, let’s get into the tight ends

TE1: Daniel Parker Jr.- 6’4″, 245 lbs (Jr.)

The only thing on this list that is easy to pick is having Parker as the starting tight end. As a converted defensive lineman, Parker is still learning the position but he was a solid backup for Albert Okwuegbunam last season.

Parker has the strength and has proved that he is a solid blocker. Hopefully his receiving game has developed and continues to develop.

He may not have the ceiling as some other guys on the team, but expect Parker to be a very solid TE1 this season as he learns the position even more.

TE2: Messiah Swinson- 6’7″, 255 lbs (RS So.)

Swinson is a here because he has the potential, and obviously the size, to be a great tight end. He’s struggled to work his way up the depth chart but hopefully the new coaching staff can bring out the talent of the 6’7″ tight end.

Swinson fell down the depth chart last season in favor of Okweugbunam and Parker, but with a brand new set of coaches on offense and the job wide open, hopefully Swinson can find the motivation to earn snaps this year.

TE3: Brendan Scales- 6’4″, 255 lbs (RS Sr.)

Scales could easily be number two on the depth chart once the season starts. He was a top-20 tight end in the 2016 class and has patiently waited his turn. Swinson, again, was the pick based off of potential, but don’t be surprised to see much more of Scales.

I believe these three tight ends are the best on Missouri’s roster, but I don’t feel like a traditional depth chart does them justice. Parker is a great blocker that can help bolster Mizzou’s run game, especially with uncertainty among the offensive line. Swinson has the size to be a great redzone target and receiving threat in general.

Scales is somewhere in the middle. He is a solid blocker and has the skills to be a reliable, but maybe not game-breaking, receiver.

Missouri can throw whoever they need out on the field given the situation. They don’t have the big name they did last year, they don’t have flashy players there either. However, they have options.