Missouri Football: With Fall Camp underway, the best time of year is almost here

Missouri football kicked off Fall Camp last Friday, and will play their first game of the year in less than a month. Fall Camp gives us our first good look at who the Tigers’ power players might be when the season begins.

The first day of camp seemed to not go as planned, with Missouri head coach Eliah Drinkwitz criticising the team’s energy.

While Drinkwitz’s words may seem a bit grim, it’s refreshing to hear a coach be brutally honest about how things are going. It seems the team listened, as Drinkwitz hasn’t criticised energy levels since.

Drinkwitz also raised a good point about what this team is, and what to expect. Missouri football finished 5-5 last season, though they did show signs of better things to come. Those better things won’t come without putting in the work.

Luckily for Tiger fans, it seems like that work is going well. Day 4 of fall camp brought the announcement of new Athletic Director Desiree Reed-Francois, as well as another chance for the team to improve.

Reed-Francois, who took over as AD at UNLV in 2017, did not have a winning season in football during her entire tenure with the Rebels.

It’s good to see that the mood surrounding the team shifted in the right direction between Day 1 and Day 4. Drinkwitz brought up the energy level again, but this time he seemed happy with it. He also reiterated that the squad has a ways to go.

Drinkwitz’s growth mindset is a great thing to have during a fall camp. This is the time to improve, and push the team to its limit before the plays count towards the record. By maintaining that there’s always work to do, Drinkwitz can maintain the team mindset that they can always get better.

The Tigers also seem to have their first standout of fall camp, wide receiver Mookie Cooper. Cooper transferred to Missouri from Ohio State and is already turning heads.

Cooper’s speed will be a huge plus for the Tiger offense and it looks like he could be a high-targeted weapon for quarterback Connor Bazelak.