St. Louis Potato Chip Maker Inks Luther Burden to NIL Deal

In one of the more unique and creative NIL deals, Missouri Tigers wide receiver, Luther Burden has partnered with potato chip maker, Old Vienna.

Luther Burden hands a fan an autographed photo during his NLI autographing event at the Mercedes Benz of Columbia on June 24, 2022.
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Like Burden, Old Vienna is a St. Louis, MO product and very popular among the locals. Recently, Boston Celtics star and fellow St. Louis native, Jayson Tatum sponsored a potato chip dubbed a St. Louis spice with his Flaming Hot BBQ Ruffles, and now first-year star wide receiver, Luther Burden is doing the same.

Burden unveiled his new sponsored chip on August 21st. This a new potato chip added to the suite of Old Vienna products, and Luther will be the primary sponsor. This is a special edition of Red Hot Riplet, a very popular chip in the St. Louis and Missouri area. The Honey Barbeque edition.

Luther Burden is making his presence felt on and off the field before he has even played a down. Burden could have attended any college in the country, but he chose the University of Missouri, and local companies like Old Vienna are returning the favor.