3 Worst head coach hires in Missouri football history

Don Faurot had the football stadium named after him and will go down as one of the best coaches in Missouri football history. However, what about the coaches that didn't pan out?
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Woody Widenhofer. 531. 1985-1988. Woody Widenhofer. Missouri football. player. . . 12-31-1 overall record. 2

Woody Widenhofer, played at Missouri from 1961-1964 as a linebacker, however as a coach, began what would be the nine worst years in Missouri football history. He began what would be nine years of having more than double losses than wins. Widenhofer took over for Warren Powers, who went 46-33 at Missouri.

Here is a breakdown of Widenhofer's career at Mizzou.

  • 1985: 1-10, 1-6 conference
  • 1986: 3-8, 2-5 conference
  • 1987: 5-6, 3-4 conference
  • 1988: 3-7-1, 2-5 conference

Widenhofer slowly improved with each season but was never able to get his team over the hump, resulting in his getting fired after the 1988 season and being replaced by Bob Stull.