Top five Missouri women’s athletes who should be sponsored

Under the new Name, Image and Likeness rules, Missouri student athletes are now able to profit and promote themselves without getting into legal trouble.

A majority of these athletes that are getting the first opportunities for sponsorships are male athletes. Although not surprising by any means, it is time for companies and businesses to jump into the game of investing in women.

Below is a list of top five Missouri women’s athletes who I believe should be getting the first push towards promotion and sponsorship.

1. Aijha Blackwell-Women’s Basketball

Blackwell’s Mizzou ties are probably the most prominent of any women’s athlete in Columbia since Sophie Cunningham. Her father, Ernest Blackwell, was a running back for the Tigers from 1994-1997.

Instead of choosing to go to powerhouse Louisville or the “school to the West”, she chose to stay home and represent her family name in the black and gold.

The junior guard wears her heart on her sleeve and plays with grit and passion on the court, all while carrying on her father’s legacy with no. 33 on the back of her jersey.

2. Jordan Weber-Softball

Where would the Tigers’ softball program be without Jordan Weber on the mound.

This past season alone, she led the Tigers to their first no-hitter since Chelsea Thomas in 2013.

What’s even better is that Weber threw two no-hitters, one against Mississippi State in April and the other against Iowa State in the Columbia Regional.

Weber was definitely not alone in this endeavor, as she had a stellar defense and powerhouse offense. Choosing just one softball player was extremely difficult.

Weber is one of the many bright stars of the Tigers’ stellar softball program who deserve to be promoted and sponsored.

3. Julissa Cisneros-Soccer

Cisneros is by far the star of the Tigers soccer team.

Throughout her first three seasons at Mizzou, she’s gotten numerous conference accolades while sprinkling some game-winning goals here and there, as well as a call up to the Mexican U20 National Team.

The excitement she brings on the field along with being one of the Tigers I can see turning professional once her collegiate career is over, Julissa will be a true and budding asset to anyone who choose to sponsor her.

4. Helen Hu-Gymnastics

Is there any apparatus that she doesn’t absolutely dominate on? Hu is one of the greatest gymnasts in Mizzou’s history.

The amount of times Hu has gotten so close to a perfect ten is thrilling.

Whenever she’s flying high on vault, energizing the crowd on floor, showing her skills on the beam (her best apparatus) or defying gravity while on bars, Hu is a rising star who has been making waves since her All-American freshman season.

With the rise of collegiate gymnastics, and the prominence of Team USA gymnastics in general, sponsoring a young star like Hu should be a no brainer.

5. Arianna Fisher-Track and Field

Fisher competed a few weeks ago at the Olympic Trials in Eugene alongside seven other former and current Tigers. In the triple jump, she made it to the finals where she placed 7th.

Obviously, being chosen for the Olympic Trials in any sport is a big deal in a multitude of ways. Having the opportunity to compete knowing that a spot in the 2024 Olympics will be just an arms-reach away helps boost momentum that’ll be brought back to Columbia.

Fisher might be the oldest person on this list but having the confidence to know that she will have an increasingly advanced chance of getting closer to the Olympics should be more than enough to consider sponsoring Fisher.